DSP 01

Digital Signal Processor 01: 

(or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the digital.)

a 2-input, 6-output digital signal processor for crossover & equalization of high-fidelity speakers. 

this project describes the following:

DSP 01. phase 1 (UI-Analog): 

  • the design of the DSP itself 
  • its integration with a 4x100W amplifier in a custom lasercut chassis 
  • its first implementation, in a stereo bi-amplified speaker system with powered subwoofer. 

DSP 01, phase 2 (UI-SPDIF): 

  • the design of a digital audio input (resampled SPDIF) for the DSP 
  • its integration with a 6x100W amplifier in a custom lasercut chassis 
  • its 2nd implementation, in a stereo tri-amplified speaker system with room-mode compensation.


this is an open source project!

open source files are here.


build log:

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