Megapixy: open source page

this page contains open source design files for my Megapixy project.


if you wish to build this project yourself, here is what to do:

  1. from OSHpark:
    1. order the Giger board.
  2. buy all the parts in the BOM from Digikey & Mouser.
  3. buy all the things listed in the Other Materials
    1. you may have to ask me for the micro-coaxial cable & receptacle!
  4. lasercut the acrylic+wood chassis.
  5. assemble the Giger board once it arrives.
  6. program the microcontroller (Attiny48) on the Giger board.
  7. put the whole thing together!


the files are split into these categories:


if you have questions, ask me here.


Giger board

EAGLE files: v1.12

GERBER files: v1.12

bill of materials: v1.12

Attiny48 program: v1.12 (use internal 8MHz clock, do not divide by 8) (you need an AVR programmer)

i fab this PCB at OSHpark.


Acrylic+wood chassis

Acrylic sheet (2mm, 0.08"):

  • EPS files: bezel backplate
  • CorelDRAW files (color-coded): all acrylic (png)
  • Color code (in order): purple (etch surface), yellow (etch ~0.6mm), red (cut), green (cut), blue (cut), cyan (cut), black (cut)
  • i buy my acrylic sheets from Amazon.

Baltic Birch plywood (1/8"):

  • EPS files: backplate
  • CorelDRAW files (color-coded): all plywood (png)
  • Color code (in order): yellow (etch ~1.1mm), red (cut), green (cut), black (cut)
  • i buy my Baltic Birch plywood from Boulter Plywood.

Assembly notes:

  • required hardware is listed in other materials below.
  • i recommend that you isolate the Giger board from the metal on the screen's back, by coating the metal with Kapton tape.
  • on plywood - position the raised dais using the acrylic as a guide. attach the dais with wood glue before hammering in the T-nut.


Other materials